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First Art Show Experience

Artists are either rehearsing or performing, and those two mindsets are not limited to the performing arts, but visual arts as well. It has been two years since my first and only blog post, same since my latest Instagram post, and several months since the last time I updated the web site with new artwork. Though more active in the meantime, creating, sketching, and designing, I found myself more comfortable in the rehearsal stage, only sharing on personal social media circles and in personal conversation. Once I saw an opportunity to sell art at a show, I saw an opportunity to publicize and spread my work, to "perform". With the opportunity to perform, I experienced the requirement to "stage" for the performance (packaging the prints and setting up the station, amounting to overall presentation) and to promote the performance in advance with strangers and connections. The art show was a great first step in a thousand-mile journey, meeting local artists from the Washington, DC, area, discussing my passions with spectators, hearing what inspires both those spectators and fellow artists, and providing my contact information for potential connections and returning clients. Thank you so much to DC Creators for organizing a successful event in such a beautiful artsy space, and I look forward to more opportunities. After this hiatus, this is also an opportunity to reinvigorate the online presence of my artwork, keep the web site updated and my social media active, sharing my pieces and my aesthetic for anyone interested. You can also keep up with my Facebook page, my Instagram account, and my travel Instagram account.

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